From the STUCO President:

As we start the 20-21 school year, we are all faced with new challenges and new opportunities. The challenges of online classes and social distancing have changed the way we learn and interact, but not who we are. As we slowly return to our classrooms, we do so with a deeper appreciation of our school, each other, and the opportunities that lie ahead. Remember,  we're all in it together!

-Olivia Kopang, Student Council President


Olivia Kopang

Student Council President

Savannah Dres

Student Council Vice President 

Claire Russell

Event Coordinator 

Mollie Kleman 

PR Director 

Haylie Keller 


Annie Froelich 

Senior Class President

Kieran Givens 

Senior Class Vice President 

Jason Kim 

Senior Event  Coordinator 

Rylee Hallford 

Senior Class PR Director 

Haley Rogers 

Senior Class Treasurer 

Our Purpose 


The purpose of the McKinney Boyd High School Student Council shall include the following five items:

  1. To represent McKinney Boyd High School students on all matters pertaining to their welfare as high school students.

  2. To promote a strong sense of community service and leadership throughout the McKinney Boyd High School student body.

  3. To plan and provide school wide events for students attending McKinney Boyd High School.

  4. To promote McKinney Boyd High School student extracurricular activities.

  5. To provide a welcoming environment and orientation to incoming McKinney Boyd High School freshmen.

Download the Constitution and Bylaws of the McKinney Boyd High School Student Council (PDF)

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