green cord

A green cord can be earned by any Boyd student any year of high school. If requirements are completed multiple years, a cord will be awarded the first year and a pin for each subsequent year. A minimum of 100 volunteer hours is required to receive a Green Cord. Hours will not be carried over from year to year; everyone starts with zero hours. At least 25 hours must be completed and submitted by the fall deadline, then all 100 green cord hours must be submitted by the spring deadline. (See StuCo website for deadlines). Organization directors must be someone other than parent or guardian. All forms are to be submitted by the student. 


No more than 60 hours per year will be awarded for work associated with MBHS or MISD. Hours affiliated with MBHS include non-mandatory, non-graded work done for the school outside of school hours by helping teachers, PTO, etc. Peer tutoring, PALS work, clinical rotations, early childhood hours, or hours in any other class for which you receive a grade will not be counted towards Green Cord hours. Hours associated with any club or group within MBHS will not be accepted if they are mandatory for that group or club. No volunteer hours can be earned during club meetings or club affairs. No volunteer hours will be accepted if you’re working at a sporting event for your team. No form of fundraising will be accepted for Green Cord hours unless the fundraising was done to benefit a non-profit organization (food pantry, Red Cross, etc.) and was not mandatory for your group or club.


No more than 40 hours per year will be awarded per location/organization. A maximum of 25 hours per year will be accepted for church programs or camps. No volunteer hours will be accepted if done during a church worship service time. Donating items and babysitting hours will not be accepted for Green Cord.